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Welcome to Alambique cooking school and online shop

We are a cooking store which also specialises in classes and cooking workshops, founded by Clara Maria Gonzalez de Amezua in 1978 and located in the center of Madrid.

We offer the latest in kitchenware and utensils such as vacuum machines, ovens Sous-vide water, molecular kitchen products, pipes for smoking and different gadgets of modern cuisine, as well as those kitchen items that can already be considered as classic and essential, such as clay pots, mortars marble boxwood spoons, pots of different materials, paella pans and cast iron, among other cooking utensils. Our school and workshops, are aimed at all those who have personal or professional interest in cooking and want to learn all about different cuisines and techniques. We offer courses for beginners and a variety of classes and monographic workshops for those who want to develop specific topics such as sushi, pastries or rice. We have an excellent team of national and international teachers, with a deep knowledge of their specialty, they have done that today we are a leader in our field.

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